New Partners!


My name is Tim and I’d like to tell you a little about how partnerships pertain to the The School Fund’s mission. We began with and maintain a goal of helping as many students as possible. Although we started in Tanzania, we didn’t want to restrict ourselves to our schools and country of origin when so many students across the world are in need of our help. However, still a very small organization, we envisioned many problems down the road if we were to expand too quickly. We came up with a solution to become a collaborative organization and envisioned our future as a funding platform. With a website to which students are easily added to our website, we realized that we could accept students from many different non-profit education based partners all over the world. We addressed our problem with expanding too quickly, realizing our partners would absorb some responsibility of keeping in touch with their students on our platform. The possibilities were limitless at this point: any country that needed funds for schooling was within our reach. After initial details were worked out, we started accepting partnership requests and expanding rapidly. We are in the process of becoming a clearinghouse for partners around the world, allowing students from partner organizations to be placed on our site and become funded.
Our partners currently help us to fund secondary school students in six countries, including Tanzania, India, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Haiti. We are also in the process of looking into partners that can help us with improving the quality of education, not just the access to it. These organizations provide technology, build schools, or fund teachers.
We believe that our world’s problems can only be solved through collaboration and The School Fund’s partnerships serve as a testament to our desire to work together to educate those who need and want it most.

Tim Eisen

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