Engage Yourself with The School Fund

At The School Fund, we believe that fundraising for school fees is only the beginning. Our person-to-person platform helps foster connections between students in the developing world and funders across the globe. These connections extend beyond simple donations. Each time a funder reads a student’s journal, looks at their profile, or takes a peek into a different way of life in our gallery, the scope of that person’s world opens up. And every time a student is funded for another year of secondary school, a whole new world of opportunity is realized. As students and funders learn from one other, each micro-grant helps both students and funders change for the better.

We’re excited about spreading this change and we hope you are too. Engage your community with The School Fund, help your neighbors, friends, and family learn something about another part of the world, and by doing so, change a student’s life. Here’s how:

Engage Your Self: We are setting a new standard for international development funding by creating a process centered around individuals. See what makes this project so unique in the why us section of the site. As an individual, you have tremendous potential to change another individual’s life. Please join The School Fund Network by funding, in part or in whole, a student’s fees for the upcoming school year and spreading the word.

Fund a Student: $208. That’s how much many students on our site need to go to school. Commit as little as $4 a week, and send a student to school for an entire year! Rest assured that 100% of your funds will go straight to the students’ education. At The School Fund, even small donations make a big difference. Give what you can, and help guarantee a promising future for a student in the developing world.

Facebook & Twitter: Cut and paste this link <www.facebook.com/theschoolfund.org> to The School Fund’s Facebook page on your profile, and invite your friends to like our page.

Connect with The School Fund on Facebook or Twitter.

Get Your Friends and Family Excited: Tell your family about The School Fund and encourage them to fund a student. Learn about our story and engage with the issues we address by learning why education is so important.

Give the Gift of Education: Get creative with your holiday and birthday gifts, and give your friends and family a gift certificate to fund a student’s fees for a year in part, or in whole. You’ll be helping them change a life and connecting them with a student in the developing world.

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