Engage your school with The School Fund

the school fund, education, developing world, school, Engage Your School: Your middle school or high school can join The School Fund Network. Connect with students just like you in Tanzania, Haiti, and Kenya and help your friends foster a lifelong understanding of other parts of the world. The School Fund was developed by young people for young people and you can help us carry on this idea of youth helping youth by tapping into the power, creativity, compassion, and generosity of your school.

Fundraise: Penny drives, bake sales, art sales or concerts are simple ways to connect The School Fund and your school. The School Fund receives the majority of its person-to-person funding from individual donors and small fundraisers just like this. A fundraiser could be a week, month or year-long commitment, depending on what you decide to do. No matter how much time you spend, you can be sure that 100% of the dollars you fundraise will go directly to fund students’ school fees in the developing world. Fundraisers are also a great way to earn community service hours! Create a profile for your school on our site, and use it to fund students from the money you raise.

Start a Club: Grab a few friends and organize a club that talks about international education issues and what you can do to address them. Students who feel strongly committed to promoting equal opportunity in education for all students, no matter where they were born, can develop a student group of like-minded folks that devote themselves to this issue over the long term. Alternately, consider including The School Fund as an issue for discussion or fundraising in the service club you already belong to.

Media: Use your newspaper, online journalism or photojournalism classes to help reach out to your community and inform them about The School Fund! Action must start with knowledge of the issue; visit our why education section to learn more about the importance of education…

In Your Classes: Make an announcement about The School Fund or ask your teacher to talk about it in class. Our founder, Matt Severson, was a high school student when he thought of The School Fund, and we like to talk about the role that youth can and must play in international development. It was only two short years later that Matt was able to put that dream into action and receive funding for our first students. Spread the word about youth in action to your peers, and help empower them to start bettering our world.

Talks: Email our VP of Outreach Christi Zaleski at christi@theschoolfund.org to invite us to your school in CA, RI, MA, NY or CT. We would love to come talk to your school in an assembly or in classes about young people’s role in international development.

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