Engage your religious community with The School Fund

Engage Your Religious Community: Religious institutions have a long history of good work in the developing world. By partnering with The School Fund, you can help your religious community to continue this tradition while also helping your friends and neighbors to personally connect with a student on the other side of the world. If you want more information about how to help your religious community connect with The School Fund, please email our VP of Outeach Christi Zaleski at christi@theschoolfund.org.

Raise awareness: Tell the people in your religious community about The School Fund in services, study, or youth group. Include a statement about The School Fund in the weekly bulletin. It only takes one person to spread a big idea, so consider encouraging your religious community to sponsor the funding of one, two, or five students and connect personally with these students across continents.

Fundraise: Organize a luncheon or barn dance in your place of worship where the price of admission goes to fund a student in the developing world. You can sell cookies or dumplings after services and donate the proceeds to The School Fund. The School Fund receives the majority of its person-to-person funding from individual donors and small fundraisers just like this. A fundraiser like this could be a week, month or year-long commitment, depending on what you decide to do. No matter how much time you spend, you can be sure that 100% of the dollars you fundraise will go directly to fund students’ school fees in the developing world.

Invite us to Your Place of Worship: Email our VP of Outreach Christi Zaleski at christi@theschoolfund.org to invite us to your place of worship in CA or northeastern US. We would love to come talk to your religious community and tell our story of giving back.

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