The Children of Kibera Music Festival

Ululation and joy marks the 3rdannual Children of Kibera Foundation Music Festival.

the school fund, kibera dancers,

Kibera Dancers

It was jubilation and happiness all the way at the 3rd annual Children of Kibera Foundation music festival. The two day event was held in Kibra Academy in Kibera; Africa’s second largest slum. The event dubbed “Katiba mpya, Kenya Mpya” (A New Constitution, a New Kenya) attracted 12 high schools located in the area. The ground was filled with a mammoth crowd who waited in anticipation for the days’ performances.

the school fund, kibera

Kibera Festival

Despite the cold and dust, there was plenty of excitement and great performances from the various schools. Adorned in different traditional dance costumes such as lesos, dresses, short sisal skirts, it is impossible to explain the depth of talent that was presented. Each school tried to outdo each other, one by one they tried to charm the judges and woo the crowd as they performed their choral verses, traditional dances, oral narratives, poems and plays. The issues highlighted touched on land rights, women rights, children rights, corruption, and girl child education among others.

There were cheers, ululations, and standing ovations for the best perfomers who moved the crowd. It was evident that the schools had put a great deal of time and energy into the performances. The judges were impressed and noted the improvement in the performances compared to the previous year. According to the event Organizers, Children of Kibera Foundation, this improvement was attributed to a workshop they had organized for the drama teachers earlier in the year.

Entertainment for the crowd was also provided by the area’s local artists who kept the crowd on their toes with their music and dances. There was a light moment when young children took to the stage and danced their hearts out leaving the crowd in stitches.

the school fund, kibera

Award Winners

At the end of the day, it was a success as no school left unrewarded; all schools that participated received Certificates of Merit. The winners in each of the categories received Trophies, School bags, Books Vouchers and Certificates of participation.

Speaking at the end of the event, Ken Okoth, The founder of Children of Kibera Foundation, said: “The event is an outstanding opportunity to celebrate and encourage academic excellence’’.

We look forward to next year’s event, am sure it will be as successful as this year’s. Kudos to Children of Kibera Foundation for sponsoring this great event.

Entry by Racheal Opiyo & Jennifer Karuri.

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