Join the Movement, Feel Happier, and Help Save the World…

Spend 20 minutes of your time watching this constructive and thought provoking video of Sheryl WuDunn speaking about gender inequity and what she found while researching for Half The Sky – the book she cowrote with her husband, NY Times writer, Nick Kristof.

1) The central moral challenge of this century is gender inequity.
“Demographers have shown that there are anywhere between 60 and 100 million missing females in the human population,” says WuDunn, explaining it happens for several reasons – in the last half century, more girls were discriminated to death than people who have died this century in war. Girls are often aborted when resources are scarce as well.

2) The best way to fight poverty and terrorism is to educate girls and bring women into the general labor force. When you educate a girl, she tends to have significantly less kids. Research has also shown that people who live under $2 a day, 2% of their money goes to education, 20% goes to alcohol, tobacco, sugary drinks, prostitution, and festivals. If you took 4% more into education, there would be a transformative effect.

So, what is a solution to help foster gender equity?

WuDunn argues that the education of girls is a simple solution.

Why should you care?

1) Once you have all your material needs taken care of, research shows there are very few things in life that can actually elevate your happiness. One of those things is contributing to a cause larger than yourself.

2) With great fortune comes great responsibility. We have all won the lottery of life – how do we discharge that responsibility?

What will you do to spread the lottery of your life?

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