QR Challenge in Full Effect!

Scan this code with your smartphone and it takes you to the new School Fund promotional video on YouTube! In conjunction with our high school outreach teams, we are going to be hanging posters with this code in different places all over the country, from California to Illinois to Rhode Island.

The idea of the campaign is to spread awareness about The School Fund in a fun, interesting, and innovative way (plus, a little mystery never hurts!). High school students are encouraged to hang as many posters as possible to get the most scans as possible by coming up with their own strategy, including how many posters to hang and where to hang them – the high school with the most “scans” will win a prize as well as encouraging others to become aware of the educational gaps which exist in developing countries.

As always, we encourage the high schoolers to upload photos of their TSF-related activities, including the QR campaign. If you want to see QR challenge updates, head over to our Facebook page and like us! We’d love to hear from you!

Want to help spread awareness about TSF but aren’t involved with the outreach teams? Feel free to download this .pdf and hang where you’d like! If you decide to use the QR code for anything from posters to tshirts, we’d love to see what you come up with! Please post any pictures to our Facebook page!

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