Dancing for Dreams!

Here at The School Fund, we are no strangers to thinking outside the box to accomplish whatever task we have at hand and our newest partnership is no exception. We’re extremely excited and pleased to announce a partnership with Kenya Dream and Ken-Ya Dance – a charity dance show case event featuring dance crews from around the area of San Jose, CA and winner of America’s Best Dance Crew: IAMME! Kenya Dream sums up their mission beautifully:

“We aspire to bring together and unite large groups of people for a common cause and to help raise awareness of the ideals of philanthropy, charity and education through dance. Dance is a form of expression for many of our performers and an entity that we respect and work towards creating a unified community and appreciation for it. All proceeds of Ken-Ya Dance will be going towards Kenya Dream, a community-based organization dedicated to improving educational facilities in Kenya, thereby enhancing the learning experience one school at a time.”

And the cherry on top: Kenya Dream and TSF’s partnership means that all donations collected for Ken-Ya Dance will be donated to Kenyan students funded though TSF.

Ken-Ya Dance NorCal 2010:

February 19, 2010
San Jose Center for Performing Arts
255 Almaden Boulevard, San Jose, CA 95113
4:30PM to 7:30 PM

Want more info? Head over to Ken-Ya Dance’s Facebook to get more details and RSVP to the event!

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