Meet The Outreach Team!

Hey guys!
I thought it would be great to introduce some of the amazing volunteers we have on staff here at The School Fund. Enjoy!
Meet Christi
Graduated From: Brown University in May 2011
Favorite Artist/Band: Ani DiFranco
Last Book Read: Mountains Beyond Mountains
Interesting Fact: I’m a three-time Brown University Badminton Champ (there wasn’t much competition…)
Meet Jamie
School: Brown University
Favorite Artist/Band: The Band Perry
Last Book Read: In Our Time by Ernest Hemingway (for English Class!)
Interesting Fact: My high school volleyball team was number 1 in the nation (at least for a few weeks) last season!
Meet Aryana
School: University of Pennsylvania
Favorite Artist/Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Last Book Read: The Talent Code
Interesting Fact: I have a hairless dog. And yes… he kinda looks like a rat, but he plays fetch and tug-of-war like a real dog so I don’t complain 🙂
Meet Michelle
School: Brown University
Favorite Artist/Band: Radiohead
Last Book I Read: Shame by Salman Rushdie
Interesting Fact: Big Fish is my favorite movie of all time.
Meet Gerianne
School: Brown University
Favorite Artist/Band: Coldplay
Last Book I Read: Bossypants by Tina Fey
Interesting Fact: I volunteered in EMS throughout high school
How did you first hear about The School Fund?
Christi: Matt invited me to lunch after we had a class together.
Jamie: I went to the first meeting last semester on a whim and immediately wanted to get involved!
Aryana: When I was consulting in Kenya. Matt and Roxy went out to dinner with my group and I and told us all about TSF.
Michelle: From Isaac B, a TSF member.
Gerianne: At the Community Services Opportunity Fair here at Brown.
What made you excited about volunteering for TSF?
Christi: I’d been working at Environmental NGOs not really sure of the impact I was making. This seemed like a way to make a huge impact.
Jamie: The fact that I would have a role in helping this organization grow and expand. That the experience would be more than just raising money, but I would get the opportunity to come up with creative ways to positively effect the lives of others.
Aryana: I think the people that work for TSF are its biggest asset. Everyone is so smart and so accomplished, yet they are willing to take hours out of their week to work for something that they know is bigger than them. I’m so happy to be a part of a team with that level of intellect and dedication.
Michelle: That it actually works and that I could see every dollar I spent being spent on Edna and her education.
Gerianne: I was excited about the chance to work with a great group of people to help increase educational opportunities for students in developing countries.
What is the Outreach Team responsible for?
Christi: The Outreach Team helps spread the word about what TSF does and engages people in educational issues.
Jamie: To raise awareness about TSF and the issues TSF is working to solve. We hope to have a presence in high schools and colleges across the country, expanding our influence in order to reach more kids in more countries.
Aryana: The outreach team is responsible for spreading the word about TSF and its mission!
Michelle: Growing awareness about the need for global education access and how TSF is leading the way in terms of effectiveness, transparency, and accountability through various avenues of engagement including high school chapter development, case competitions, international fellowships, public relations and social media networking, and fundraising.
Gerianne: Raising awareness about education and TSF and getting people on board with our mission.
What do you do for TSF?
Christi: I’m Vice President of Outreach.
Jamie: Recently, I’ve been focusing on getting TSF to have a presence in different high school areas. We’re trying to come up with fun and exciting ways for young students to get involved with the organization and get inspired by the cause.
Aryana: I plan their national case competition.
Michelle: Liason between TSFxBrown and the national TSF team, graphic design work, high school recruitment and PR by talking to everyone I know about how great TSF is.
Gerianne: I work on high school outreach, trying to reach out to and engage high schoolers with TSF.
What’s the best part about volunteering for TSF?
Christi: Working with committed passionate volunteers.
Jamie: There is something very empowering about the fact that as a college freshman I have the creative liberty and the support to bring about change. At TSF, it doesn’t matter how much experience someone may or may not have with the organization; as long as someone is dedicated and hard-working, everyone at TSF immediately helps and supports each person’s ideas.
Aryana: The organization is still small, so no matter what I do, I’m getting on the ground experience. In short, I can see the difference that I’m making every day.
Michelle: Admiring and being inspired by the people I work with every week.
Gerianne: The other volunteers and the opportunity to play a small but tangible role in advancing the organization.
Any last words?
Christi: I want to start a volunteer collective out of my home in Somerville, MA! Volunteers of all shapes and interests in the Boston area should email me!
Aryana: I love TSF!!!
Michelle: Et tu, Brute?
Gerianne: The School Fund is awesome!
Do you have any questions for the volunteers? If so, leave a comment below! Check back soon to meet the Operations team!
Have a great weekend!

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