Case Competition at UPenn

Members of the winning team pose for a photo with TSF volunteers at UPenn.

Penn Collaborating in International Learning (PennCIL) is excited to announce the successful completion of our second annual case competition! This year, the question that high school students were asked to address was: How can TSF encourage students that traditionally underperform in Tanzanian schools to excel at learning? On February 25, six teams of high school students came to the University of Pennsylvania to give presentations that proposed solutions to this challenging question.

The day began with a short presentation by Roxana Moussavian, VP of Strategy and Development for The School Fund. This presentation included a video on the background of TSF that helped the students understand more about its mission and their role as collaborators in the problem-solving process. Then all six teams made their presentations; they proposed diverse solutions ranging from complex rewards systems to special attention for female students. After each presentation, a panel of MBA judges shared what they thought were the strongest points of the presentation and asked several follow-up questions.

After the judges deliberated, they returned to announce the winners of the 2012 case competition: a team of freshman students from Kensington Urban Education Academy! Choosing a winner was not easy given the high quality of all of the presentations, and we hope that all of our participating teams will consider returning next year. Overall, this year’s case competition was a great opportunity to engage nearby high school students in a discussion about international education while learning from their ideas about practical solutions to real-world problems. We are excited to work with another group of high school students in 2013!

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