Sharing Case Competition Love!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I thought I would share some of the awesome feedback we received after the UPenn Case Competition was finished. We asked all the high school students to answer some questions about their experience working on the case and share their favorite part of the experience. Their answers definitely put a smile on my face! I love how inspired they all are to make a difference.

Here are some of my favorite gems:

Why did you want to participate in this competition?

My teacher alerted me of the devastating problems of Tanzania and how this competition could help solve them.

I wanted to help out the kids and give them the best education possible because I feel like I have a really good education.

I wanted to participate in this competition because I want to be a part of making education an important part of everyone’s life.

After finding out how little kids in Tanzania needed to attend school, I realized we could be the ones to start a movement. (<— I especially LOVE this!)

How did you prepare for the competition? What kind of support did you have?

We approached the problem one week prior, and worked efficiently after school. We received support from the staff and administration

We thought about what we would want if we were in their shoes. This really motivated us to do our best!

What was your favorite part of this experience?

When I put all the information on a business slideshow. I started crying with its beauty. Also, feeling after I presented was nice too.

I love the unforgettable bonds that I formed with my team. I’ve talked to and spent a week with people I don’t usually interact with, which is really cool.

The everlasting bonds that will last a lifetime. I spent a significant amount of time with classmates that I normally do not talk to every day. I really thank TSF for giving us this opportunity.

Learning that we really take things for granted and that it doesn’t take much to make a change.

It’s always awesome to hear some great feedback! Are you interested in being a part of the Case Competition this April? If so, head over here to learn more about what the competition is all about and to sign up if you’re ready to tackle the challenge! We would LOVE to have you!


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