Clinton Global Initiative University 2012!

Today marks the first day of the Clinton Global Initiative University 2012! At this annual meeting, some of the best student minds from around the country gather to discuss global issues and how they can be addressed. Through networking, workshops, and speakers, attendees of CGIU develop their ability to make real positive change in the world. While these workshops and speeches are crucial to the development of effective solutions to global issues, perhaps the most important aspect of CGIU is the focus on Commitments to Action. In order to attend the meeting, students are required to commit themselves to a concrete action that “addresses a pressing challenge on their campus, in their community, or in a different part of the world.”*

The School Fund's Matt Severson and Saeed Hassan are recognized by President Clinton. San Diego, CA.

It was only one year ago that Matt Severson and Saeed Hassan were standing on stage with former President Clinton announcing their commitment to CGIU. As the 2011 winner of the Commitments Challenge, The School Fund was honored to be specifically recognized by President Clinton himself. Their commitment – to expand The School Fund – has been possible thanks to your support! (To learn more about TSF at CGIU 2011, check out Matt’s blog post from last year!)

This year, Besan, Christi, Laila, Mariana, Matt, Ola, Roxy, Saeed, and Sandra are all at CGIU representing The School Fund. While TSF was not included in the Commitments Challenge bracket for this year, we will continue in our commitment to bring high quality and affordable education to all who need it. We wish the best of luck to TSF’s representatives in their time at CGIU 2012!

To learn more about The School Fund’s connection to CGIU, check out this recent blog post from Fast Company!


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