Student Spotlight: Daniel Mayor

Say hi to Daniel Mayor.

Odds are, the lives led by Daniel and yourself are quite different. When you were his age – 14 years – you probably would come home from a government-funded school to the house of your parents. Daniel, on the other hand, has no recollection of his parents and normally lives with his grandmother, but is currently sleeping outside in markets, for this is his only opportunity for receiving free (read: possible) education.

Daniel’s favorite subjects are English and Math and he hopes to be a teacher someday. He enjoys reading in his spare time, with his favorite book being Beach Day; Daniel also likes to pass the time by rapping. He’s currently working on a rap song about his school, The Mawuvio Programme. His praise for the school and the opportunities he has are unending: “mawuvio outreach programme i think it is the best school in the world because before i came there i didnt know anything and now i learn a lot.”

Though Ghana is an outlier in children’s education in Africa – with a 95% enrollment rate – Daniel would be subject to losing his education without funding, destined to join the other estimated 470,000 children who are out of school due to corruption. That’s a real-world example of where TSF comes in: head on over to Daniel’s profile page to help him continue his love for the Mawuvio Programme by donating to his 2013 Fund.

Thanks for reading!

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