The School Fund Gala 2012, Follow-up

Written by Adam Garcia

The School Fund Team with Ken

Hi Readers!

As many of you know, yesterday was The School Fund Gala, held at Brown University in Maddock Alumni Center. The atmosphere was incomparable – Ivy League Professors, founders of established nonprofits, and an assortment of forward-thinking undergraduates (including the TSF Brown Team) were all in attendance.

Emceed by volunteers Mariana Carvalho and Jeffrey Conti, the Gala featured presentations from The School Fund founder Matt Severson and founder and CEO of Children of Kibera, Kenneth Okoth. In an intimate setting, Matt presented a slideshow of The School Fund through time. Starting with the story of John Medo and ending with updates on a recent brainstorming session, Matt beautifully showed the progress and success that years of hard work have achieved. Those present were then treated to an introduction to TSF’s partner organization, Children of Kibera. Ken taught the audience about the struggles faced by students in the Kibera slums of Kenya, and described how Children of Kibera is working to provide them with a brighter future. We at The School Fund truly admire the work that Ken has done and thank him greatly for taking the time to speak at the Gala.

Looking forward, it is nearly impossible to not hold an optimistic view regarding the future of The School Fund – especially after events like the Gala. Accordingly, we at TSF would greatly like to thank the Brown Gala Team: Mariana, Aaron, Chinezi, Jeffrey, Saeed, and Michelle for their hard work towards an unequivocally successful Gala! We would also like to thank everyone who took time out of their surely busy schedules to attend the Gala.

Click here for a Gala photo gallery!

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