Photo journey: TSF in Tanzania and Kenya (Part 1)

This summer, TSF returned to its roots in Tanzania, where we support 75 students with scholarships. The goal for that trip was to set up a pilot after school program for our 40 students in Iringa, Tanzania.  In Tanzania, where class sizes can often exceed 100 students : 1 teacher, collaborative learning is rare. Our after school program aims at improving our students’ quality of education and building leadership skills. The program is using small class sizes, peer tutoring, and student led lessons to help our scholarship recipients succeed in school.

After two weeks in Tanzania we travelled north to Nairobi and the surrounding towns where we met with some of our partners and scholarship recipients. We were treated to singing, dancing, and lots of discussion with our brilliant Kenyan students, many of whom we were meeting in person for the first time. Check out the first installment of photos from that trip below!

The walk up to Ganglionga Rock in Iringa, Tanzania. Ganglionga is a favorite among locals and tourists for its spectacular views of the small city. © Alessandra Hartkopf

In Thika, Kenya, our partner Agape Mercy Children’s Center runs an orphanage supporting children from toddlers to twenty year olds. The children consider themselves siblings. We ate the East African staple, ugali, with the whole family for lunch.       © Alessandra Hartkopf

When the leaders of TSF partner organization, Flying Kites, were choosing a location to build their orphanage, the question that drove them was: “Where would I want to live?” The location, atop a hillside in the Kenyan highlands in Njabini, is breathtaking and the kids who live there are some of the happiest we’ve ever met. Here, a student washes her socks after school.                     © Alessandra Hartkopf

In the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya, about one million people live in an informal settlement the size of Central Park. ¬¬Residents have limited access to sanitation, clean water, and other government services like police and fire protection. French street photographer JR created this art installation on the tops of roofs in Kibera.
© Alessandra Hartkopf

TSF partner, Children of Kibera, in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya helps high achieving students from slums pay their way through prestigious boarding schools and eventually through University. Children of Kibera also runs a small, quality primary school in Kibera where we met this student.
© Alessandra Hartkopf

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