Photo journey: TSF in Tanzania and Kenya (Part 2)

During our trip to Tanzania and Kenya in June, we met with students, partners, and made time to have a little fun. Here is the second installment of photos from that trip. Enjoy!

Pulling into the bus stop in Iringa, Tanzania. © Alessandra Hartkopf

In Wamunyu, Kenya, we were treated to an assembly with the whole school. Students brought their own chairs to the outdoor gathering space and performed songs before the speaking began. © Alessandra Hartkopf

Our after school program in Iringa, Tanzania empowers students to learn from one another, as well as the adults they’re used to hearing. Our “Technology Ambassadors” here help students in our program learn how to use the internet.

At Neema Craft Café in Iringa, Tanzania, a student performs in a talent show to raise money to build a jungle gym at his school. © Alessandra Hartkopf

Some of the girls in our after school program in Iringa, Tanzania wait anxiously for class to begin. © Alessandra Hartkopf

We took some time to visit the elephant orphanage in Nairobi, where caretakers feed baby elephant milk during their twice-daily parades. © Alessandra Hartkopf

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