Students helping students, One-for-One

Clara BWThe faculty and students at the Khabele School in Austin, Texas believe that exceptional academics are only the start of a world class education. At this K-12 school, a well rounded learning experience includes teaching students to live their lives with courage and authenticity; a subject in which students are tested.

To graduate from Khabele, students must demonstrate proficiency not only in reading, math, and science, but also in five attributes of character: Well-being, Environmental and Cultural Awareness, Self-Generated Learning, Self-Expression, and Leadership.

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Khabele as a part of their commitment to character excellence and global awareness. This year, students at Khabele will help their peers in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to achieve the same opportunities they’ve been given by raising money to fund students’ school fees for a year.


Perhaps you’ve heard of one-for-one programs where you can buy a pair of shoes and your purchase will enable a student in the developing world to receive a pair? Now imagine a school where each student is expected to raise enough money to send one of their peers in a low-income country to school.

That is exactly what Khabele is doing in its middle school and high school, and we are thrilled to be a part of it. This year, students may work in pairs to fundraise, but future incarnations of this program will be truly one-for-one, for a total of 230 students funded through The School Fund. Khabele students will also get the chance to learn more about their TSF partner by communicating directly through our online journals or through our topical discussion pages.

On average, every additional year of education increases incomes for students in low-income countries by about 10%. The students that Khabele funds this year will increase the lifetime earnings of their peers by more than a million dollars. That’s quite a service project.

To learn more about this program, or to get your school involved in a one-for-one program, email

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