TSF Tanzania Board Chairman Visits the MMM Center in Iringa

TSFTZ Chairman Fuad Abri Visits the MMM Center.

Since July of 2012, The School Fund has been providing homework help and English lessons to the 60 students TSF supports in Iringa, Tanzania.  These resources are available to the students at the Maisha Mikononi Mwako (MMM) Center  located at the Ummu Salama Elementary School, which is co-located with the Ummu Salama Secondary School, one of The School Fund’s four partner schools in Iringa.  Maisha Mikononi Mwako translates from Kiswahili to “Life in Your Hands.”

On Friday, March 21, 2014, Fuad Abri, the chairman of The School Fund – Tanzania (TSFTZ) and owner of ASAS Dairy Farm Ltd, visited the MMM Center to speak to the TSF students.  Maho Amos, MMM Director and Headmaster of Ummu Salama Elementary School, shared a report of Mr. Abri’s visit.

Yesterday, we had a wonderful visit with Mr. Fuad the chairman of TSF TZ. The students really enjoyed his presence at the MMM center because of the wise, educative, and encouraging words he shared.

The following are some of the points he outlined for the students:

  • He informed the students that TSF’s main objective is to encourage and support academic excellence for all vulnerable children in the developing world.
  • He reminded TSF iringa students how lucky and privileged they are to be sponsored by TSF and told them the only way to pay TSF back is to put even more effort into their studies and produce the best results.
  • He asked some individual students to identify benefits they feel they gain from TSF.  They mentioned the following:
    • Being able to use computers
    • Being able to journal with different people around the world
    • Being able to earn a secondary school education
    • Being able to meet with students from different schools
  • Mr. Abri also wanted to know what ambitions TSFTZ students have for their lives after completing secondary school.  They mentioned the following:
    • Most said they aspire to be doctors
    • Some said they want to be teachers, lawyers, and accountants
  • He emphasized to all students to be self-disciplined and avoid engaging in bad behaviors. He also cautioned them to be considerate of time because time wasted is never recovered.
  • He assured the students that it’s up to them to achieve their aspirations and that working hard in school will aid them in this goal.

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