An Interview with Swabra M.

John Medo, The School Fund’s very first supported student, is interning for TSF in Iringa and assisting TSF advisor, Fuad Abri.  In late February, John interviewed Swabra M., who has been supported by The School Fund since 2013.  View her TSF profile and Journal here.  Below is the first of many interviews John has and will conduct with TSF students in Iringa.

Swabra is 15 years old and has no sister or brother.  Swabra is in Form Three at Ummu Salama Secondary School.  Swabra lives at the Orphanage Center because her father died in 2004 and her mother was not able to support her financially.  Her mother lives in Dar es Salaam.  After the death of Swabra’s father, her father’s relatives wanted to take her away from her mother, but her mother’s relatives chose to shelter her at the Orphanage Center, where her father’s relatives still do not know she lives.

Despite these hardships, Swabra feels she had a good childhood under the care of the Orphanage Center, which supported her through primary school at Ummu Salama.  She says that she has never experienced any hardships in her life as she has been under the good care of the orphanage. Yet, Swabra faces the challenge of being away from her mother and notes that some of her classes are difficult, but that she will always fight to reach her dreams.

Swabra’s biggest dream in life is to become an engineer and she says that she will always work hard day and night to make sure that her dreams comes true.  If Swabra could have everything in this world, Swabra desires an education.  She says that while money, big houses, and cars do not last, education always lasts and that she can use it to have a good life.

Swabra believes that in Africa some kids have a hard life and some have a good life and this is all determined by education.  She states that when a society is educated then life can be easy, but if not, it will be the opposite.

Swabra says that TSF is an important instrument for her and for the whole world as it supports students in their pursuit of education and education will ultimately lead to a good life for students.

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