An Interview With Mohamed S.

John Medo, The School Fund’s very first supported student, spent time earlier this year in Iringa as an intern for TSF and an assistant to TSF advisor, Fuad Abri.  John recently traveled back home to Karatu in Northern Tanzania where he will continue interviews with students there.  In early 2014, before he left Iringa, John interviewed Mohamed S., who has been supported by The School Fund since 2012.  View Mohamed’s TSF profile and Journal here.

Mohamed is in Form Three at Ummu Salama Secondary School and is 15 years old. He has three sisters and no brother. His father, who was the Headmaster of Ummu Salama Secondary School, died in 2005. His mother is still alive but lives is in Dar es Salam. His mother does not have a job but her relatives are helping her. When Mohamed’s father died, the orphanage center took care of Mohamed since the people who run the center knew his father and they had to help their mother as [she did not have] a job to allow her to take care of the family. TSF [provided fees for Mohamed’s] secondary school education, but Mohamed finished primary [school] at Ummu Salama under the good care of the orphanage center.

Mohamed said life in Africa is good and becoming easier since people are getting an education and some get good care like him. Though he also said life might not be easy for those who are not educated and for those who are not under good care.

Mohamed said he has never experienced any hardship. His biggest challenge was when he got good grades, but his [peers] neglected him and started discriminating [against] him. Despite the fact that they did all this, he has never given up and he will always put a lot of effort into his studies to reach his goals.

Mohamed dreams of becoming a doctor and to be useful to his society and the world at large. If Mohamed could have anything in this world, he would [choose] an education because he thinks when he is educated, he can achieve whatever he wants.

Mohamed believes that a large number of children in Africa live a very difficult life especially those who live in [rural] villages. He said this is because their parents are not educated and do not know the importance of education and even if they know, they can not afford to [send] their kids to school, so this make their life hard.

Mohamed says, for him, that TSF is everything and has been helping him and his sister, Zahra S., who is now in Form Five. He says The School Fund has saved his life and his sister’s life since it has been paying for their school fees, which is a very big 
help to the orphanage center that has been helping them since when they were young.

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