TSF TZ Karatu Students Meeting – May 3, 2014

John Medo, The School Fund’s very first supported student, is home in Karatu, Tanzania as he awaits his final exam results.  While home, John will support TSF students in Karatu, located in Northern Tanzania near Mt. Kilimanjaro, with their journaling and conduct interviews with them as he did with students in Iringa. Earlier this month, John helped TSF TZ Karatu Representative Elias Matay to facilitate a meeting for all TSF supported students in Karatu.  

Below are minutes from the meeting:











The meeting was opened officially by John, TSF’s first student, who is interning for TSF, by welcoming all students and informing them all about TSF.

Elias, TSF TZ Karatu Representative welcomed all members encouraging each member in attendance to introduce themself.

After introductions, John asked Mr. Paulo, a teacher at Ganako Secondary School, to give short details and talk to students.  He often meets with students to help them with their journals.  Mr. Paulo reminded students that it’s up to them to work hard to insure strong academic performance. With the help of their teachers and their hard work, they will fulfill their dreams.

Elias reminded students that TSF is unable to support students, who do not perform well in school.  He told Mlimani students especially, as their exam results were poor, that they need to work hard.  Elias reminded them that TSF seeks out students who are in the top ten of their class with higher than average scores.

The students agreed that they will work hard and also stated what they want in the future.  Most said they want to be doctors, lawyers, and teachers and all agreed that only through education will their dreams come true.

Students were not clear on the importance of journaling, but after a brief explanation by Elias and John, the students said they will always come although there are many of them and there is only one working computer.  However, Elias and John informed the students that TSF TZ Director Judy Severson and the TSF Team will bring computers with them this summer [to establish an after-school computer center in Karatu similar to the program in Iringa].  They all agreed that they will always come to journal and that should they miss the opportunity to journal, explanations will be required.

The students were happy to hear about the workshop this summer starting in June established by Judy and the Team during which TSF students will learn tips for preparing for their exams, how to build self confidence, how to work in teams and collaborate with one another, and also to learn some computer skills including how to use Google and Wikipedia for their studies.

Students had no major challenges to share, so Elias and John encouraged them to study hard, excel at their studies, and to establish strong time management skills in order to do so.

Every student was so happy after hearing the TSF Team will visit Kartu, so they all welcomed the team to Karatu and are preparing to receive and host the team.  They hope that the team will enjoy themselves in Karatu and have lots of fun.

Then before the meeting was closed John asked the students what The School Fund has done for them.  Most said that TSF has supported their academic [pursuits], has provided some computer knowledge through journaling, and has united them.  One student stated that without TSF, he could not have gotten to know some of the other students, Elias, and John, too.

John asked what their responsibility to TSF is.  They said that it’s their responsibility to not let TSF down — by passing their exams and fulfilling their dreams.

Before the end, John and Elias thanked Mr. Paulo for beeng kind to TSF since the beginning.  Mr. Paulo was also very happy and said he will keep working with TSF since he likes helping and feels that he has also been helped by TSF.

Students did not have any questions, but gave their thanks to the TSF
Team including John, Elias, and Mr. Paulo.  John reminded students about the importance of communicating with people from other countries and that journaling can build friendships with other students.  John also showed the students how to use the Community Page and the students were very happy and asked to join the discussion.

After not having any other business, the meeting was closed at 1:00pm.

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