Education is a Battle: A Poem by TSF TZ Students in Iringa

Education is a Battle

by Our Tanzanian Buddies: Shadya, Moza, Mwajuma, Mwanahana, Shamila and Swabra

Inspired by Ugandan Poet Okoth P Bitek

Education is a battle and I will fight it

Studying hard and sleepless nights, Burning candles on both sides,

These are my weapons, by tooth and nails I shall never rest until I achieve my goals


Education is a battle I shall fight it,

Waking up early, in cold weather,

Bathing in dust, from home to school

Walking a long distance with the hot sun on my body, on empty stomach, I study hard.

But I shall never give up in this battle.


I will never give up in the battle, until I succeed

I want to live in style, just like whites

Comfortable villas, Cars, parties, and a stable income

I want to have all that, just for a change

I will work hard until I see my dreams come true


I will work hard, and never give up!


It is very simple to achieve goals, for all it takes is patience have patience in your education

The roots to education are bitter, but the fruits are sweet,

With all the hardship we carry on, bit by bit we move on

The first step is taken in the right direction, we are confident of our bright future

For will never give up in this battle, the struggle and we shall win


Every one tells me to work hard, which is the other way of saying study hard

I shall surely work hard, for the concern of my future,

The ignorance are slowing down national development, Speaking economically,

We will call them illiterate of cause it is true.


Hard work is the mainstay of mankind,

And it should begin from schoolwork,

I do not need to be lectured so many hours on that fact, I know.

I will work hard like no man’s business, This will give me pride

And the bitter sweat of my face will taste sweet in the future

I know who I should work hard for,



For me!

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