A Message from TSF Founder Matt Severson

I co-founded The School Fund over four years ago after a life changing experience in Tanzania.  I was amazed that something as little as $150 per year in school fees could stand in the way of a young boy or girl and their ability to continue going to school.  Over the years, I’ve become more and more convinced of the power of education.  In countries with a per capital income of $2 per day or less, each year of school a student completes means a 10% increase in future earning capacity.

Furthermore, unlike a food handout, that which is learned can never be taken away.

I’m delighted with the impact The School Fund has had so far.  In four years, we have supported 765 students, funded 1225 years of education and graduated 157 students—with individual donors contributing anywhere between $1-$500. We’ve secured incredible partnerships with Chegg, Kathy Ireland, Grammy-nominated artist Carolyn Malachi and more.  I’m even more excited about the impact still to come. We’ve reached a tipping point and see that we are at the precipice of reaching many more students. Exciting new partnerships are in the works.Drika Weller, PhD

To help propel us through this next stage of growth, we needed someone who could bring expertise in education and international development—someone who could dedicate herself entirely to The School Fund’s next chapter.  And so I’m thrilled to welcome Drika Weller, PhD as The School Fund’s new CEO.  She comes to us from USAID’s Global
Development Lab where she spearheaded programs to help children and youth in Sub-Saharan Africa emerge from adversity.

Drika is that unique combination of scholar and passionate advocate.  She has hit the ground running, and from the relationships she has already helped The School Fund establish, I can see she will lead us toward a bright future.

I will continue to be heavily involved with The School Fund from my spot as Board Chair and remain committed as ever to our mission: to create a world where any student, no matter where they are born, is able to get an education.

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