The School Fund Tanzania’s Vice Chairman’s Speech to Guests From Abroad

This summer, members of The School Fund’s US team and Summer Fellows, visited TSF students living and attending school in Iringa, Tanzania. Upon their arrival, The School Fund Tanzania Vice Chairman Muhammed Said welcomed the guests.  The following is the speech he delivered:

While most people live in homes, in palaces, and in selected places on this land, there are a few people who live in the hearts of other people for immemorial ages.

While some great men and eminent men have monuments in bronze and marble set up for them, some men of divine fire manage in their lives to become enshrined in hundreds of hearts of people, with the divine fire in their hands.  We praise them.

Sadly 97% of the 6 billion people on planet Earth are inward looking, selfish, and maintain their own status quo throughout their lives.  Only the remaining 3% of the people move the world.  These individuals are men and women of action with strong faith that enables them to overcome the fear of failure.  They move people from survival to stability, from stability to success, and from success to significance.  They equip people to pursue their purpose with passion and perseverance.

For the whole of my past speaking I was in fact talking about our honorable guests from the TSF family from abroad.  Mr.  Matt [TSF Founder Matt Severson], Madam Judy [TSF Tanzania Director Judy Severson], Drika [TSF CEO Drika Weller], and the whole delegation from the United States of America.  You are warmly welcome to Tanzania, welcome to Iringa, welcome to Ummu Salama Education Center.  It is not a hidden fact that it is you who plotted TSF and developed it, and you have brought our children a life changing course that will take them towards the future life, which will bring them to fulfillment and significance.

I have accorded these assertions with confidence in order to revive your kindness and morality to continue to uphold this mission until it results into unprecedented achievements.

After this juncture, may I congratulate the resident TSF Chairman, Mr. Fuad Abri.  His commendable effort and role in facilitating functionality of the organization cannot be left unsaid. In spite of his numerous duties, he makes sure the TSF wheel spins to fruition.

May I express sincere gratitude to the TSF Iringa coordinator, Mr. Amos Maroa, who untiringly works with children to ensure TSF objectives are reached.  I take another opportunity to express thanks to my fellow headmasters and teachers from partner schools (Miyomboni, Highlands, and Lugalo) for participating in this colorful occasion.

Again may I congratulate all TSF students, who have attended the workshop.  It is my hope that at the end of the program each of us will reap benefits necessary for bringing about change to the whole community in Tanzania.

Lastly, may I welcome all parties to Ummu Salama Center and with that I declare the workshop open.


Muhammed Said


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