Forced to Drop-Out: A Girl Still Dreams of Becoming a Teacher

Today, we continue a series of short profiles about our students, their lives and what their educations mean to them. So often, we tell our supporters that they have changed a life. “Education is opportunity,” has become our tagline. It’s all absolutely true. Here’s what that truth looks like from the perspective of our students.


It’s heart-wrenching to lose your mother. But for Krishna D., her mother’s death was a double blow.

A young girl living in India and the only remaining female in the family, women’s responsibilities now fell to her. Krishna’s father was more inclined to spend his money on educating her two brothers than on sending Krishna to school. After all, he reasoned, she would eventually get married and in the meantime someone needed to tend to the house now that her mother was gone.

Still dealing with the grief of losing her mother, Krishna watched as her brothers left each day for school, while she stayed home to cook and clean for the family.

Krishna had long dreamed of becoming a teacher. Instead, she was forced to drop out, and as she managed the family home over the course of two years, she felt that dream slip farther and farther from her grasp.

This is when Krishna met with some of our partners from Milaan, whose Swabhiman Programme focuses on dropout girls in rural Uttar Pradesh. It’s a program that not only helps young women transition back into school but also offers support to help, when necessary, to persuade families that educating their daughters is feasible—and worthwhile.

With help from Milaan and financial support from The School Fund’s donors, Krishna headed back to school. Thus far she’s been able to pass her Class X (grade 10) examination. Just as important, her confidence has been restored and her dream of becoming a teacher again feels within her reach. It’s a dream not just about her own future—but one of improving her community through education. If anyone understands education’s value, its inherent ability to change lives, Krishna does.

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