A Story of Two Marcias

We’re continuing a series of short profiles about our students, their lives and what their educations mean to them. Here’s another example of the opportunity one of our students found, once she had the support to continue her studies. 

Marcia G.

Marcia G. was an only child and grew up in Quito, Ecuador, in two-room living quarters attached to the house where her mom served as domestic help. Her mother’s employer—also named Marcia—helped raise the young girl, treating her almost like her own daughter. Marcia was her namesake afterall, and the older Marcia invested her time in helping the younger Marcia with her studies. She was her teacher, her mother’s boss and a surrogate caretaker.

But then in 2007, the elder Marcia died suddenly. It was a personal loss complicated by additional hardship. The elder Marcia had made no provisions for the then twelve-year-old girl. The situation left Marcia’s mom jobless; mother and daughter were homeless.

Marcia’s mother suffers from multiple disabilities and had trouble finding work. With no family to help and now all alone in Quito, mother and daughter rotated from house to house each night. It took until a year after Marcia entered high school for her mom to secure a job.

That, fortunately, was a time of dramatic turn-around. This was also when Marcia began to receive support from The School Fund, by way of our partner The Condor Trust for Education.

In 2012, Marcia graduated from high school, but her success doesn’t stop there. Marcia is now studying Tourism & Hotel Administration at the Instituto Cordillera in Quito (with continuing support from Condor Trust). She dreams of working in the tourism industry in Ecuador, of eventually going abroad herself. She longs to see more of the world. As part of her coursework, she’s already getting to travel to new parts of Ecuador—a thrilling experience for a young woman who had never before left Quito.

She hopes to eventually earn enough to lift her mother and herself out of poverty, and in the meantime, Marcia serves as mentor and inspiration for younger Condor Trust students. She wants to show them exactly how much one person is able to achieve, given the opportunity to receive an education.

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