Portrait of a Maturing Young Actor: Meet Anthony Musyoka Ngao

Our partner Kenya Connect recently posted an essay written by Anthony Musyoka Ngao, a bright young man who is staying in school and pursuing his dream of becoming an actor with help from The School Fund community. This post originally appeared at Kenya Connect’s blog

672340_origThe first year I joined Wamunyu Primary School in 2006 was the same year I came to know about Kenya Connect. Just like any other new kid in school, I was very keen to explore my school and I recall quite well that was when our old and cracked classroom was renovated and given a new facelift. The dusty floor that had given me a cold for months and the open windows that were killing us in the cold were at last fixed! The school staff room and the head teacher’s offices were renovated too. I later came to know that the people behind this good work were Kenya Connect. I learned that Kenya Connect had partnered our school with a school in America called Mt. View Middle school and that the students in our sister school were raising money to rebuild our school. I was very happy to have joined this school. At the same time, I learned that the students in our upper school were actually paired with pen pals from our sister school, Mt. View MS and were exchanging letters. I was sad that I did not have a pen pal, since I did not know how to read and write well. I promised myself that I would work very hard to know how to write so that one day I could have my own pen pal to write to.  Day after day, I worked hard in class to be the best student. My hard work paid off because I remember I was always the top student in class. This gave me a lot of confidence. I was even appointed class prefect and I begun acting and leading songs in my class performances. I loved singing and acting but then the confidence I earned in class work even boosted this more and more.

Years moved on quickly and in 2009, I was promoted to standard four, the grade that was exchanging pen pal letters.  Wow! My dream finally came true when I wrote my first letter and my pen pal wrote back! This was an amazing experience to talk to someone continents apart. We continued to exchange letters for the next two years. I learned a lot from my pen pal. Though our cultures were different, we still shared a lot in common. I will forever remain grateful for this letter exchange experience. By the time I finished my primary school, our school had benefited a lot from Kenya Connect programs. All the classrooms were now renovated and a water tank was built to provide clean drinking water for the entire school. A hand washing station was also built for us to wash our hands and a de-worming program had been started with all children in my school getting de-worming medicine four times a year! I was sad to leave Wamunyu ABC when I completed standard eight but at the same time I was excited to join a new secondary school. Although, I knew I had to leave and move on to secondary school, one thing was for sure. I would miss the services of Kenya Connect!

As fate would have it, on my final year in primary school, my father who is the sole income earner in my family, had an accident that injured his leg making him unable to work. My dream of joining secondary school was shattered. However, every cloud has its silver lining; lo and behold this fateful event led me to another front of Kenya Connect: their connection with The School Fund!

Through The School Fund, Kenya Connect is providing scholarship for needy and top-performing students in secondary school. After presenting my need, I was lucky to be selected as a beneficiary of this program and that is how I ended up joining my new school- Kitondo secondary school. I feel very happy and most blessed to continue with my education through the support of Kenya Connect. I am even excited to have my profile online to be able to journal with friends and supporters. I am very happy that some of the teachers and guests who visited my former primary school through Kenya Connect visits and loved my performance are now supporting me in my education.  Thank you friends for your support. Asante sana. My dream is to be a professional actor and am grateful to everyone who is supporting me make my dream true.

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