Meet a Future Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Have you ever met someone—a doctor, a quantum physicist, a political activist—so brilliant that you catch yourself wondering what they were like in their youth? Did they exude genius? Did those who knew them suspect they were destined for greatness?


Felix M.

Here’s your chance to see what people in the future will only guess at. Young Felix Mushi, of Highlands Secondary School, Tanzania, one day plans to be a cardiothoracic surgeon, and we bet people will marvel at him, and wonder what it would have been like to know him when he was just starting out.

We recently received a video of him, describing heart anatomy to his classmates, narrating what he learned in his most recent dissection, and explaining the physiology of the heart and normal blood flow. Go ahead, and watch this bright young mind at work!

(Warning: if dissections make you queasy, this video might not be for you.)

To learn more about Felix, read this interview conducted last year, by The School Fund’s first student, John Medo.

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