Travel with Kenya Connect

Let’s talk numbers: 300 books. 1,500 toothbrushes. 17 clicking computer mouses.

It’s not just a random list of objects. It’s a tally of our partner Kenya Connect’s impact thus far as its team has headed to Kenya to officiate this year’s graduation ceremony and spend time learning with students there.


We’re so grateful for their travelogue—scenes from Kenya. Moments that demonstrate how much an investment in a student’s education matters.

We’ve loved reading how our friends at Kenya Connect brought along 300 books to supplement the Learning Resource Library. (Imagine having your library doubled in a day to measure how special that gift was.) With them, they carried 1,500 toothbrushes for students, donated by supporters in the U.S. This week, Kenya Connect visited 12 of The School Fund’s students, and announced to them that Kenya Connect wants to enter the Governor’s Film Festival Contests featuring TSF students!


Kenya Connect has made it easy to picture—easy to almost hear—the sound of 34 students, clattering at 17 computers, and learning computer coding for the first time. These are scenes of learning. Scenes of promise. Scenes of education pursued.

Follow their 2015 yourself at their travel blog and meet some of Kenya Connect’s remarkable students at The School Fund.

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