The School Fund’s 1st White Paper! (It’s About Education in Kenya)

girl studying

Today, The School Fund is releasing the first in a series of white papers, this one focused on school access in Kenya—what limits access to education there, and how organizations like our partner Wema Children’s Centre have been able to expand that access, with your support.

Here are some realities in Kenya:

  • A quarter of all children drop out between primary and secondary school
  • Three factors greatly determine a child’s likelihood of enrolling in school: gender, rural background and family income
  • The annual cost of secondary education is twelve to twenty times more than the monthly income of parents in rural areas

page01We’ve learned a lot as we’ve built The School Fund. We’ve also learned how partners like Wema are changing these realities for students every day, thanks to your support.

Please read and share “Dynamics of Education in Kenya: From School Access to Equity and Quality” with your network. We’re proud to begin offering deeper insights into global education to those who have been with us, trying to improve access to education, for so many years.

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