Our April Honor Roll


Condor Trust for Education Students

Still, they dream

Earlier this month, we were able to pass along good news from our partner Condor Trust for Education in Quito, Ecuador—that despite experiencing ripples from the 7.8 magnitude earthquake, all students and staff were safe and healthy.

Now we want you to get to know these young people, who come from low- or no-income families in a country where 34 percent of students do not complete secondary education. Through Condor Trust, students like Jennifer continue school and are provided with text books, pens and pencils, uniforms, transportation, music and dance classes for additional enrichment, and even eye tests and glasses, when needed.


Jennifer, this April’s Honor Roll student spotlight

This month, Honor Roll contributions funded a scholarship for Jennifer and other Ecuadorian students like her. Jennifer’s mother abandoned the family, leaving Jennifer to care for an ailing father and a younger sister. Her family circumstance forced her to mature early, but her time continuing school has given her the gift of teenage years discovering what she loves. She’s had a chance to do more than survive. She’s thrived.

Jennifer wants one day to become a great dancer. She also plans to graduate from school. You helped make both those things possible.


P.S. You can support other Ecuadorian students on TSF’s website or support a different student every month through the Honor Roll program.

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