Thank your mother!

mom ieftz

Paulina with her mom.

We recently saw this post from Paulina, a seventh grade student at our partner Indigenous Education Fund of Tanzania‘s Okeeswa School:

“My mother has taught me to work hard. She has always worked very hard to take care of my family. I love my mother because she has always taken care of me. She brought me to school so that I could get an education and have a good life. When I grow up I hope to become a teacher. I will work hard so I can help my mother. I want to take care of her.”

It’s the time of year when we each consider the impact of a strong female role model. For many of us, it’s mom. (For others, it’s an aunt, grandmother, even a teacher, who boldly insists we can surpass our own expectations.) It’s Mother’s Day Sunday, and time to send flowers, make a sweet trinket to thank these special women.

Mothers are caretakers. Mothers pour their days into the labor of caring for and supporting growing families. They deserve our thanks.

So go, now, and thank your mother, aunt, grandma, stern but loving next door neighbor or teacher. Seriously, thank her now!

And if you want to send a gift that represents those same elements of care and belief in human potential that so many mothers invest in their children, please consider establishing a monthly scholarship in your mother’s name.

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