How Your Company Can Fund Scholarships


The School Fund connects donors around the globe with students in the developing world, to fund their educations.


Smart business people know how to get the most for their investment. At The School Fund, our model of crowdfunding relatively small scholarships means that even a few dollars can help go a long way. Since our founding in 2009, we have supported over 1,200 students and funded over 1,550 years of education for students in 15 developing countries from Ecuador to India to Tanzania. We have partnered with 11 trusted Field Partners and built a website where 100% of donations go straight to students’ school fees. When corporate partners help seed our scholarships through grants, we make it a point to demonstrate those corporate partners’ commitments to our crowd.

One of our biggest fundraising events of the year is our annual Match Day. This year, for the first time, we are reaching out to local businesses, corporations, and foundations to partner with us on our Match Day campaign. We see this as one more opportunity to tout our corporate partners, and we are soliciting challenge grants to develop an external matching fund for this year’s Match Day, to be held on June 22nd.

Match Day is a 24 hour period in which TSF matches all online donations that go to students through a matching fund. Field partners activate their networks to take advantage of the matching money, leading to a large increase in visibility for our 500+ students across the developing world.

In 2015 The School Fund put up a $25,000 match and brought in over $45,000 from external supporters! The matching pot was a large incentive to our donor base, nearly doubling our impact—Match Day’s total fundraising came to more than $70,000 raised in 24 hours, enough to keep over 200 students in school.

Participating in The School Fund’s Match Day is a huge opportunity to leverage your charitable contribution (double it!) raise visibility using our platform, incentivize donors around the country, and help keep students in school around the world.

We have set a fundraising goal of $25,000 and are actively seeking a coalition of organizations and supporters to help us reach this goal. Please consider joining us!

Match Day Statistics from 2015

  • $42,375 raised from 194 donors for 199 students
  • $4,010 raised from 172 donors for unrestricted use
  • $25,000 Matching Fund from The School Fund
  • Day-of Social Media: 283 likes, 37 shares,  6 posts from celebrities and Field Partners
  • 1290 visits, spending an average of 5 minutes on the site (75% higher than June, 2014)
  • 343 unique donations
  • We leveraged the following channels for visibility:
    • Facebook—TSF: 2k followers; Chegg: 540k followers
    • Twitter/Instagram—Finn Harries: 1.1M followers; TSF: 2.8k
    • Newsletters—TSF: 4k, Field Partner combined reach +25k

Please contact The School Fund’s Executive Director Liz Texeira at (413) 313-9033 or to discuss this opportunity.

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