Onward to Mozambique

The School Fund’s staff, Executive Director Elizabeth Texeira and Director of Programs Michael Childress, are on a three week trip to East Africa to meet seven of our field partners in the region. They will be writing short posts about their experience, so check back for an update soon!

(An update from Liz, who visited our partner ASEM in Mozambique)

TSF’s partner in Mozambique, ASEM, was started in 1991 by Barbara Hoffman to support vulnerable children in Mozambique after almost two decades of civil war. One of the only African countries not under British rule, (it was formerly a Portuguese colony and today the national language is Portuguese), Mozambique has struggled to recover and the country ranks among the lowest in GDP per capita, human development, measures of inequality, and average life expectancy. While there are many challenges Mozambique has also been able to maintain a relatively stable democratic government and has made primary education free and compulsory for all students.


ASEM, our partner works to provide psycho-social support, food, transportation, uniforms, and school fees to students attending public school, and also operates a primary and secondary school funded in part by the Ministry of Education. The School Fund’s 17 ASEM students, selected based on need and performance, are located in two large communities, Beira and Vilankulos.

Beira is beautiful and hot, and children are learning! Helena, a Grade 8 student supported by TSF was put into an ASEM school by her father right before he passed away, and she says that she cannot imagine going to school anywhere else.



Helena, a TSF scholarship recipient at ASEM in Mozambique. 

Helena is going to be an accountant so she can support her family. Consider supporting Helena and our other students from Mozambique

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