The world’s largest slum

Last year, The School Fund published an issue brief about Kibera. In that time, not much has changed. Estimates vary, but in an expanse of makeshift dwellings and shacks, hundreds of thousands, if not more than a million people, live in Kibera, a slum just south of the Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

It’s a place without much clean water, inadequate food, no sewage system and rampant disease. More than half the population consists of youth and children, and yet, few children receive an adequate education.


The School Fund’s issue brief, Life in Kibera.

There are, of course, pockets of hope. Last year, The School Fund’s donors funded 23 students’ educations through our field partner Kenya Education Fund (KEF). Our donors provided these students with tuition, shoes, uniforms, books and school supplies, and thanks to KEF, these students also have access to career and college readiness workshops, reproductive health information, psycho-social support and technology training. Despite where they are born, these young people now have an opportunity to thrive.

Revisit our issue brief, Life in Kibera: Kenya’s Most Infamous Slum, for more about this region, the challenges young people face, and the story of one young TSF scholarship recipient who is now on full scholarship at Daystar University!

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