Helping students go to school in India

In India, only 40 percent of adolescents are enrolled in secondary school. In Uttar Pradesh, India, just 88 girls attend school for every 100 boys. Students who are in school face teacher shortages, few supplies, and buildings in disrepair.

To help young people stay in school in Uttar Pradesh, The School Fund works with field partner Milaan, an organization that runs the only secondary school within a five hour walk of the village in which it is located. Students at Milaan School are provided with an education, lunch, training on personal finance, teamwork and decision-making. The exceptional program at Milaan has been awarded a rare lifetime accreditation by the government of India.

Still, Milaan keeps growing, now with the Milaan Girl Icon program which is a two-year fellowship for female school-aged leaders. These students (many of who can be found on The School Fund’s website), receive funding for school expenses, mentorship and a small social change grant to put to use tackling a challenge in their own community.

Learn more about Milaan, Milaan Girl Icon and the challenges these programs are working to overcome in India in The School Fund’s new issue brief: Changing Lives in India: Creating Pathways to School


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