The School Fund Gala at Brown University

On April 28, the air hummed with energy and excitement as the guests entered Maddock Alumni Center at Brown University to join The School Fund team in celebrating education and a year of tremendous growth. Music wafted through the air, providing a backdrop for the mingling and engaged conversation of the guest. Over 80 guests attended including such distinguished individials as Katherine Bergeron, Dean of the College, Peter Weber, Dean of the Graduate School, Roger Nozaki, Associate Dean and Director of the Swearer Center, and Hanna Rodriguez-Farrar, Special Assistant to the President.   Professors who have advised our project such as Professor Barrett Hazeltine and Professor Josef Mittlemann also came to support The School Fund.

Sandra Hartkopf, Ally Chi, and Paul Hlatky came from Boston University to join the Brown School Fund team.

The evening began with a brief presentation by Laila Handoo, Saeed Hassan, Macon McLean, and Matt Severson on The School Fund: our history, website, partners, and hopes for the future.  We have had an exciting year; The School Fund is now funding students in 8 countries (Haiti, India, Kenya, Malawi, Panama, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zimbabwe) and working with 13 partner organizations.  We share with audience, our video of President Bill Clinton announcing our commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative University meeting to scale to 500 students in 11 countries.
As always, we had several computers open to, and over the course of the evening raised over $500, 100% goes to students’ school fees.

the school fund, team, brown university, education developing world

The School Fund Team at Brown University

The School Fund at Brown Gala was a success! We appreciate the support of everyone who came and everyone who was there in spirit. It was great to see so many people interested in supporting our efforts to make education more accessible and funding education more accountable and transparent.

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