How a girls’ school in Kibera is creating a hub for change

Partner Spotlight: How a Shining Hope was Born in Two Kenyan Slums


On the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, in the country’s two largest slums, Kibera and Mathare, deep poverty runs rampant. Gang and sexual violence are common. Clean, safe water is in short supply.

And in these two slums, our new partner Shining Hope For Communities (SHOFCO) has established schools for girls at the hub of other services, including: daily nourishment, healthcare, psychosocial support, after school programs, toilets and clean water, plus savings and loan groups. By putting educating girls at the heart of all it does, SHOFCO is a safe space that teaches families to value girls’ education and women’s empowerment.

Last year, over 72,000 parents were served through SHOFCO programs, and since 2012, its female members saw four-times the income growth of the community at large. SHOFCO helps create stability at home, while its schools—populated by students who suffer some of the greatest poverty in Kenya—consistently rank within the top three in the nation!


Please join us in welcoming our new partner SHOFCO,
and meet a few of our new students!


TSF Staff Abroad

TSF’s executive director Liz Texeira and director of programs Michael Childress have headed to Kenya, Somaliland and Mozambique to visit our partners and students. For highlights from their trip, please subscribe to our blog or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! #tsffieldtrip

It’s Almost MATCH DAY!

Mark your calendars! Wednesday, June 22 is TSF’s Match Day, that one magical day each year when for 24 hours we are able to double all online contributions to our students!

Supporter Spotlight: TSF’s Teen Board

The School Fund is lucky to be supported by a circle of enthusiastic supporters, but not many can rival our Teen Board, a group of Palo Alto teens who churn out a steady stream local events that get our cause out to our community—and make giving fun. Two weeks ago, our Teen Board planned a special TSF day with Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria and it was a huge success! Thanks Teen Board and all our supporters who came out for a slice!

Like the Teen Board, many of our supporters have started planning personal fundraisers! Let us know what you, your student group or favorite kid are doing to support our students, so that we can feature those efforts here!

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